Lewisville Child Custody Lawyers

Welcome to Jim Ross Law Group, where we invite you to work alongside our Lewisville child custody lawyers to sort through this very important facet of co-parenting.

Co-parenting children is incredibly difficult if you don’t have a clear and legally-binding agreement in place. Whether you are facing divorce and trying to plan out a parental agreement or you have had a child outside of marriage, it’s vital to lay out an agreement that assigns parental roles. That’s where our child custody lawyers in Lewisville TX serve as a valued resource.

Jim Ross Law Group specializes in various areas of family law — divorce, property division, alimony, child support and child custody. We will help you navigate this process and make decisions that are advantageous for, not just you, but for your children.


Compassionate Lewisville child custody lawyers

The goal of any child custody case or dispute is to put children in a situation where they are able to most effectively grow and thrive. Children need involvement from both parents when possible. As your child custody lawyers in Lewisville TX, our team will:

  • Learn about your situation. Everyone finds themselves in a different scenario. One client might be going through a divorce while another might be dealing with an abusive spouse or romantic partner. By learning about your situation, we’re able to determine the best possible child custody arrangement for you.
  • Our staff takes the time to teach you about all types of custody arrangements and the benefits that come with them. There is no one-size-fits-all child custody arrangement — these arrangements are tailored to meet the needs of everyone involved in your unique situation.
  • Our child custody lawyers in Lewisville TX will help you work with the family courts to install an agreement in place. Or, if an existing agreement is already in place, we can petition to modify it if needed.

Jim Ross Law Group is home to experienced, reputable attorneys that are easy to work with. We know that setting your child up for success is one of the most important priorities — and we want to help you do exactly that.

If you have questions about child custody issues, or a variety of other family law issues, we encourage you to connect with us right now. We will connect you with one of our Lewisville child custody lawyers who will guide you along the way. Thank you for considering Jim Ross Law Group.